Guld Games
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Guld Games

Guld Games (gg) is a group of competitive gamers who track their results on the GG ledger. Starting with in-person games, like friends playing Texas Hold'em, GG will add more games and play options, including automated, provably-fair options.

Important Notes on Guld Games

Members may wager on games, and/or create in-games payments. All of these payments must be made in the GG token to qualify for tracking in the gg group. At any point, Guld Games group members may burn GULD to acquire GG, or one player can send GG to another via a transfer.

In the Lottery game, all parties place their stakes in escrow: the player's stake is equal to the BET amount, and the dealer's stake is equal to the bet amount multiplied by the guessable range. For example, in a game where BET = 10 and MAX = 9, the guessable range includes 10 numbers, making the dealer's stake 100 GG. The winning party (dealer or player) receives all of the stakes.

GG is strictly peer-to-peer. In Guld Games, there is no "house". Games take place between players (in the case of Lottery, these are the dealer and the player), and in every game, the total number of GG tokens put in by both players is exactly equal in all cases to the total number of GG tokens paid out.